About Capt’n Crunch

1971 Rick Pemble decided to create an auto wrecker and scrap yard. He purchased a 1958 Chevy 1 ton deck truck and started hauling scrap cars working from his parents yard on Sumas Mountain. Rick’s brother Joe had an idea for Rick to advertise his business by entering in local demolition derby’s.​

Rick Created the name “CAP’N CRUNCH” and the two of them built Rick’s first derby car for the Cloverdale Derby. He picked 212 for his derby number (waters boiling point). He was instantly hooked. He became a crowd favorite and the competitor’s target. 1974 Rick purchased a 1/2 acre property on the corner of Huntington Rd and Echo Rd, then the auto wrecking was moved to the new location. He sold the 1958 Chevy deck truck and purchased a 1969 Chevy 3 ton deck truck with a Hiab.

Using what he had, he modified the truck with rails above the cab and a wheel lift at the back. Now with 4 cars on board things were more efficient. 1975 With the auto wrecker growing Rick needed more space to store his parts vehicles. He stacked vehicles in the yard and lined them up along the street in front of his house. Later in the year he also started using some land on Lefeuvre Rd. Rick entered into the P.N.E. Derby for the first time and won second place in the grudge match. 1976 Rick purchased a 1960 Kenworth single axle roll-off truck and began bin services.

The truck was a great addition to the company. Vancouver Harbor was the first owner of the Kenworth and ordered it from the Vancouver factory specifically as a roll-off truck. They ordered the extremely rare “Kenworth Glider Kit”. It came with aluminum frame rails, cab and engine covers enabling it to haul heavier loads. Rick won the Championship and third place in points at the P.N.E. Derby.

1977 With over 60 trophies under his belt, Rick is a serious contender at the derbies. He won the second place Championship and second place in points at the P.N.E. Derby and won the amateur rollover contest.

1978 Rick sold the property on Huntington and purchased 7 acres on 34314 Vye Rd.

1980 The Demolition Derby’s were the biggest thing for families to watch. Rick was as well-known as the cereal with the kids. Everyone that lived in Abbotsford knew or knew someone that knew “CAP’N CRUNCH”. “CAP’N CRUNCH” Changed its name to “CAPT’N CRUNCH” so that it didn’t conflict with a certain cereal manufacture.

Rick Created the name “CAP’N CRUNCH” and the two of them built Rick’s first derby car for the Cloverdale Derby. He picked 212 for his derby number (waters boiling point). He wasinstantly hooked. He became a crowd favorite and the competitor’s target. 1981 Rick and wife Virgina gave birth to their first baby Rick Pemble Jr. Money became tighter and Rick was forced to sell the 1960 Kenworth.

1983 Rick and Virgina gave birth to their second baby Lance Pemble.

1984 Rick purchased back his 1960 Kenworth and installed a Hiab for more usages.

1986 Capt’n Crunch purchased a Al-Jon car crusher and started crushing their own cars.

1992 Rick purchases a Freightliner cab over and a train to haul scrap metal to his buyers. The front trailer was a drop belly and the rear trailer was a flat deck. Rick decided to use chain-link fencing to rap around the crushed cars to secure the loads better.

1993 Capt’n Crunch purchased new lights and cameras from the George Massey Tunnel on the West bound lane after accidentally pulling them out with the strap on his truck! The last thing the camera recorded was Rick and his Freightliner.

1995 Frank Dutra gets hired to work around the yard and drive the trucks. He is still driving for the Capt’n 20 years later.

1996 Frank Rolled the Freightliner’s rear trailer attempting to turn out of the yard. It was loaded to heavy at the top.

1997 A fire broke out in the yard. Vehicles were moved in a hurry to not allow the fire to spread. After the Fire department put it out there were four cars lost.

1998 With a full load of crushed cars on the Freightliner, Frank saw the load had shifted on the front trailer. Pulling off the freeway at 276th street exit, the slope of the road made it worse and the truck and trailers were rolled onto its side. Frank was driving the truck the next day. Rick Jr finished school and started working full time at the yard.

2003 Rick saw a need to recycle different products so he created Capt’n Crunch Recycling. He began taking demolition wastes and diverting the recyclable products from landfill. Capt’n Crunch purchased and installed a truck scale to control the loads coming in and out of the yard.

2004 Rick purchased a wood Hager and started shredding wood that was sorted out of the demolition waste. He diverted his interests into the recycling company and decided to sell Capt’n Crunch Auto Wrecking to an employee named Perry. Perry changed the name to “Small Block Industries”.

2006 Perry found that owning an auto wrecker was tougher than he thought and couldn’t maintain the payments and returns the ownership back to Rick.

2011 Rick Sr. decided to retire so that he could enjoy time at the cabin and relax after his many years of dedicated hard work, his son Rick Jr took over everyday operations.

2012 In 2012 Capt’n Crunch poured a new pad at the back recycling part of the yard and is ready for our customers drop off needs. Making recycling needs easier and more accessible.

2013 In January 2013 Rick Sr. passed leaving his legacy behind to his son Rick Jr.

2016 Capt’n Crunch underwent some restructuring and rebranding and changed its name to Capt’n Crunch Recycling Ltd. Capt’n Crunch continues to grow and change and make positive moves forward. We are excited​ ​for what the future holds.